SUTONG power solutions provide a strong guarantee for railway power. What should I do if there is a sudden power failure? In addition to various infrastructures, railway stations are generally equipped with fire-fighting systems, guidance systems, security systems, communication systems, signal systems, data systems, etc. If there is a sudden power failure, the railway station will fall into a panic and disorderly state and cannot operate. , It would be unimaginable consequences. 

Generally, railway stations are composed of two power sources, one is city power, and the second is equipped with some diesel generator sets to deal with sudden power outages. The generator set is required to have AMF function and be equipped with ATS to ensure that once the main power supply is cut off in the railway station, the alternative power system must be able to provide power immediately, with low noise and stability to meet the special requirements of the railway station. Equipped with RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface, it can be connected to the computer for remote monitoring, remote control, remote signaling and remote measurement, and it can be fully automatic and unattended.