SUTONG power solution is the core and foundation of the bank’s electronic technology and equipment. Banks have a large number of advanced computer technology and equipment, but electronic computers can only exert their benefits through stable and reliable operation. This reliable operation depends on the strict environmental conditions of the computer room, including computer room temperature, humidity, cleanliness, noise, and vibration , Static electricity, electromagnetic interference and other conditions and its control accuracy, etc., and the continuous and uninterrupted supply of power is the core and foundation of the computer room and data center. 

SUTONG provides a generator set with excellent performance and stability. It adopts a low-noise design and is equipped with a control system with AMF function. It is connected to the ATS to ensure that once the main power supply is cut off, the alternative power system must be able to provide power immediately. Stable, low noise, engine power that meets European and American emission standards, as well as AMF function and ATS equipment, make it meet the special requirements of the bank. Equipped with RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface, it can be connected to the computer for remote monitoring, remote control, remote signaling and remote measurement, and it can be fully automatic and unattended.