SUTONG power supply solutions can meet the special needs of hospitals for power supply. Similar to the use requirements of buildings, but because the hospital has the characteristics of continuous power supply and quiet environment, the performance stability of diesel generator sets, AMF and ATS functions, instant start time, low noise, low exhaust emissions, safety, etc. There are strict requirements in all aspects. 

SUTONG provides a generator set with excellent performance and stability. It adopts a low-noise design and is equipped with a control system with AMF function. It is connected to the ATS to ensure that once the main power supply is cut off in the hospital, the alternative power supply system must be able to provide power immediately. Stable, low noise, engine power that meets European and American emission standards, as well as AMF function and ATS equipment, make it meet the special requirements of hospitals. Equipped with RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface, it can be connected to the computer for remote monitoring, remote control, remote signaling and remote measurement, and it can be fully automatic and unattended.