Chinese professional manufacture of diesel generator sets & mobile light towers
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Fujian Sutong Power System Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and sales of generator sets. It has rich experience in generator set design, complete sets and maintenance, product compilation and various industries throughout the country. The structure of Sutong power products is reasonable, and the power is fully covered from 8KW to 2000KW. The engine uses German Benz (MTU), German Deutz (DEUTZ), American Cummins (CUMMINS) and other internationally renowned engines, as well as Shanghai diesel, Yuchai and other domestic well-known engines. Power, equipped with international and well-known generators, complete sets of production speed-through generator sets. Relying on a complete sales system, Sutong Electromechanical products have been widely used in communications, national defense, radio and television, petrochemical, transportation, medical treatment, industry, real estate.....
SUTONG power solutions can support all types of power needs around the world
  • 20190723102607599
    Oil Filed
    SUTONG power plan can more comprehensively meet the power demand of oil fields. From oilfield exploration to the construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas processing and ...
  • 20190723102057374
    Outdoor Engineering
    SUTONG power solution can complete any demanding project test. These programs have withstood repeated tests on the most demanding projects. Stable performance, easy operation...
  • 2019072310172492
    Mining Site
    SUTONG power plan can meet all the needs of mine power. Speed's mine power solution helps improve the efficiency of mine mining and smelting plant construction and operation.
  • 20190723101319727
    SUTONG power solutions can support the normal operation of all types of buildings and facilities around the world. Buildings have a wide range of applications, such as lighting...
Professional production, sales and service provider of diesel generator sets and mobile lighting towers
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